Zoetry Agua Punta Cana Accommodation Review

zoetry agua punta cana review hotel

Heaven on Earth is the most accurate description of this place. I spent one week of pure bliss at Zoetry Agua Punta Cana for my (relatively tame) bachelorette party with two of my closest friends. It was the perfect girls spa getaway, but could also be great for couples and romantic vacations too.

Bachelorette Party Punta Cana Dominican Republic Zoetry Agua

I’ve decided not to divide this accommodation review into pros and cons for the simple reason that the pros and cons here are subjective. Many factors I’ll touch on could be considered a pro to one person and a con to another.

… Like the fact that this is a very small resort and considered a “boutique” hotel because of the fact that it has less than 100 rooms. It makes the property compact, easily walkable, and allows you to get to know the staff and some of the other guests a lot better than you would at a resort with 3,000+ rooms.

Staff Zoetry Agua Punta Cana dominican republic resort

Being silly with some of the staff at the resort… and my giant bottle of WINE!

friends boutique allinclusive hotel zoetry agua punta cana dominican republic

Some vacationing sisters we made friends with throughout the course of our stay!

We actually made friends with a lot of the staff members. The friendly staff sets this resort apart from others–they’re funny, engaging, and attentive in the restaurants (throw in a feeble attempt at speaking Spanish to them and they’ll love you even more!).

The evening bartender in the lobby named Marcello is an absolute RIOT, singing and joking and making our nights twice as fun as they would have been without him. Look up “Touch Mua” by Poncharello on Youtube–it’s the bartender when he was younger in a rap video! He will rap for you right there at the bar if you ask nicely. We even participated in an impromptu, bar-wide a capella performance of the Thong Song by Sisqo while we were there  that should have went viral.

bartender zoetry agua punta cana dominican republic wine

Marcello, the Lobby Bar bartender, was my hero after he gave me the largest bottle of wine ever!

If nightlife is your thing, Zoetry Agua isn’t the place for you–granted, we made our own party until the late, late hour of 11pm in the Lobby Bar a few nights during our stay. This resort is more about relaxation, quiet, and re-setting. After 10 or 11pm, the resort is pretty quiet and all throughout the days there is a lull over the resort, making it the perfect retreat. There is, however, some music and activities near the pool bar during the afternoons.

What it’s like walking around the resort in the afternoon.

lobby bar zoetry agua punta cana dominican republic allinclusive resort spa retreat

For spa enthusiasts and those looking to really loosen up, the resort has a top-knotch spa. The staff there is really friendly and even if you don’t get a treatment (which you should!) you can make use of the indoor spa pool with jets, beds, and sauna.

slippers spa zoetry agua punta cana dominican republic retreat

The pools throughout the entire resort are by far the cleanest I’ve ever experienced of any all-inclusive resort. There are always staff members in it clearing out leaves or any debris whatsoever. The infinity pools overlooking the beach are like something straight out of Condé Nast. Stretching out in the turquoise water and sipping coco locos (gotta try ’em!) while gazing out over the ocean is probably my fondest memory of the trip–so surreal. If you’re a pool person, this Zoetry is just what you’re looking for.

infinity pool zoetry agua punta cana dominican republic cocoloco

clean pool zoetry agua punta cana dominican republic allinclusive resort

If you’re a big ocean swimmer, however, there’s seaweed in this location. The staff tries to clean it a few times a day but it’s impossible for them keep up, and this could also depend a bit on the time of year. There are plenty of comfortable beach cabanas to relax and read a book in the shade, but for people who love actually getting into the ocean, there are resorts with better actual shorelines. This resort is basically the last of a long string of resorts–it’s the most secluded and furthest from the airport (about 45 minutes) and so possibly subject to more “wildness” and a bit less groomed.

ocean swim zoetry agua punta cana uvero alto beach

beach seaweed uvero alto zoetry agua punta cana dominican republic

To be fair, we went during hurricane season and this was in the afternoon, a while after they had cleaned the beach.

As far as getting a drink while on the beach, the service is hit or miss. If you leave a good tip the first time you get a drink, they’ll keep coming back, but otherwise you may find yourself waiting unusually long between drinks.

coconut drink beach zoetry agua punta cana dominican republic allinclusive resort

A complimentary horseback riding session on the beach is included with each stay, which I thought was a nice touch. I didn’t end up going myself due to the lack of helmets and my seemingly irrational new fear of horses, but the others who had gone seemed to enjoy it. I guess they also have you get off and check out a local market/souvenir shop, which they probably get a kickback from, allowing them to advertise it as “complimentary”. Another cool inclusion is yoga classes a few times a week in a breezy beach cabana–great way to start a day.

beach horseback riding zoetry agua punta cana dominican republic

The rooms themselves are quite nice, filled with natural wood, bamboo and stone decor, and a neutral color scheme, creating a zen-like atmosphere. They’re clean and the maid service seems consistent.

zen room zoetry agua punta cana dominican republic wood neutral

shower zoetry agua punta cana dominican republic bathroom stone

As far as dining goes, by Punta Cana standards this place is 5 star. The food is generally very good, with only a few slight disappointments throughout our stay. Piragua is a favorite–a slightly more formal restaurant than the rest, but there are 4 other dining options offered including room service. Due to the size of the resort, there aren’t as many restaurants as larger all-inclusives, but plenty for our purposes. One of my favorite dishes is actually the grouper ceviché served  in the poolside restaurant called Indigo.

huevos rancheros dining zoetry agua punta cana dominican republic food restaurants breakfast

Huevos rancheros served in Indigo for breakfast.

piragua restaurant fine dining food restaurants zoetry agua punta cana dominican republic

The entrance to our favorite dinner restaurant at the resort.

Overall, I’d give Zoetry Agua a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. There are small areas that could use improvement but this still ranks up there in one of my top 5 trips ever. I think this has a lot to do with the company I kept as well as bonding with the people at the resort (which can account for about 80% of trip enjoyment, despite outside factors like hotels and attractions). The staff, pools, and intimacy of this resort are the factors that weigh most heavily into my experience and I dream of experiencing them all over again someday.


Forever Wishing I Were There,