Treehouse at Kilauea Volcano Accommodation Review

treehouse kilauea volcano hawaii big island accommodation review

More and more these days travelers are looking for something unique and different. It’s not very often a client sits down at my desk and says “I want something generic like a Sheraton or Holiday Inn, please”. Well, have I got the perfect place for you on the Big Island of Hawaii!

We recently stayed in the Treehouse at Kilauea Volcano for our honeymoon and I must say, it was one of the most memorable aspects of our entire two week trip. This isn’t just any treehouse (believe it or not, I have stayed in others before). It’s a treehouse “glamping” experience.

steps treehouse hawaii big island volcano

The best part about the treehouse is its location right near Volcano National Park and also near some great restaurants in Volcano, HI, which you can read about in my latest post Hawaii for Foodies. But even better than that is that it still feels secluded and intimate. It’s in a residential area but you really can’t tell while you’re in the treehouse itself because it’s so tucked away. There’s a warm “plunge tub” on the balcony with a view of the breathtaking stars on a clear night and all you can hear are the birds and the frogs.

hot tub treehouse hawaii big island volcano romantic honeymoon

hot tub treehouse hawaii big island volcano honeymoon romance


On arrival to the treehouse, you are asked to leave rolling suitcases and large bags in your vehicle or in the storage shed provided because they can damage the treehouse, which is made from beautiful natural wood and stained glass windows, among other things. There are backpacks and headlamps provided for nighttime. There is a short, almost fairy lighted pathway to the steep steps that lead up to the treehouse. This accommodation is not for those with mobility concerns.

furniture living room treehouse volcano inside

Once inside, you’re greeted by homey furniture, a fireplace, and a cozy space including the kitchen, living room (with a TV!), bathroom, and back door to the outdoor shower. The kitchen has a microwave, cooktop, sink, teapot, and a french press for coffee. There’s a ladder up to the bedroom, which has its own balcony and sitting area that is great for morning birdwatching. The bedroom has a double bed.

door inside volcano treehouse hawaii big island kitchen bedroom hawaii big island volcano treehouse secluded rainforest volcano treehouse hawaii bird watching

The owner and the innkeeper make you feel very welcome by leaving goodies in the fridge such as Hawaiian bread and gourmet chocolates. We even arranged for some delicious drinks to be delivered on our arrival in tiki mugs and consisting of real fruit juice, rum infused with vanilla beans, and a fresh orchid.

tropical drinks treehouse hawaii volcano big island orchid

The rooftop material on the treehouse really projects the sound of the rain on the roof at night, so if you’re particularly sensitive to noise when trying to sleep, definitely consider bringing some ear plugs, although to many this can be a peaceful and relaxing sound to drift off to.

Also, the water at the treehouse is not potable, so there is filtered water provided–make sure you bring a refillable water bottle so you can bring some out when you’re out around the island for the day. I love that there are beach chairs and a styrofoam cooler provided so you can pack yourself a lunch and head out for a day of exploring.

outdoor shower treehouse volcano hawaii treehouse big island rainforest

Do keep in mind that this is off the grid. Cell reception may not be perfect and there isn’t free wifi or anything. The generator is turned on early in the morning and runs until it’s out of juice in the evening–it is not running all night so as not to disturb the neighbors (it is quite loud but is near the street so it’s not too noticeable when you’re in the treehouse). If you’re watching DVD’s like crazy, enjoying the fireplace, and turning all the lights on, it may run out earlier in the day. Take that opportunity to chill out, get in the hot tub, revel in the peace and quiet, and enjoy the company of your travel partner. For a romantic getaway, you will find no more intimate a place than this and no place better suited for enjoying each others company.

Pricing isn’t outrageous to stay here in comparison to other Hawaii accommodations either, which was a pleasant surprise seeing as the treehouse has been featured on many TV shows, magazines, and publications commending its unique structure and the experience it provides to lucky guests.

So if you’re heading to the Aloha State and want something completely different, take a gander at the Treehouse at Kilauea. I can guarantee you, you’ll never find anything else like it and it will take your trip from “good” to “I’m coming back”!

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