My personal mantra is do what you love and worry about the logistics later. Don’t hold yourself back from traveling the world (or whatever else it is that you may be passionate about) because of money, your job, your car, your family, or anything else. Make these things a part of what you love and you can have them all at the same time.


Reading Hans Christian Andersen in St. James Park

I applied for the Bachelor’s of Arts in English program at Michigan State University not because I wanted to be a teacher, an author, or to be in publishing. I was an English major because I loved it! I loved to read and to write, but I didn’t have a master plan of what I was going to do with that degree when I was done earning it. The day I graduated high school, I promised myself I wouldn’t spend even one day of my life doing something because it was the “responsible” thing to do, or because it would provide me with a stable future, or because it would make me look successful to others, and that is how I’ve been living ever since.
Being that Michigan State has one of the best (if not the best) study abroad programs in the nation, I fostered a love for travel while I was there. My first international travel experience was 6 weeks in London in a program called Literature in London. I spent six weeks learning about Shakespeare, going to plays, reading on park benches, and writing stories while sitting on stools at English pubs.



Not long after, I signed up for Alternative “Spartan” Break–volunteering in the community of Bocas del Toro, Panama, where the roads are rivers and the rainforest comes alive every morning. The more I traveled, the more I hungered to travel more, and by the time I graduated college I knew I had to do something that would allow my every day to be filled with travel.


Painting a mural for the school for the non-profit Give and Surf.

I applied for a Travel Internship with AAA and haven’t looked back since. I am now a full time Travel Consultant in metro-Detroit, traveling as often as I can but when I can’t, I’m helping others to do it and living vicariously through them.

Since becoming a travel consultant, I was absolutely honored to be named AAA Travel’s Rookie of the Year for 2015 and one of Travel Agent magazines 30 Under 30 in the travel industry for 2014. In recognition of this, I was invited to the Young Travel Leaders Conference and the Luxury Travel Exchange held at the Palazzo in Las Vegas for 2014.


30 Under 30 group of 2014 with Joe Pike of Travel Agent magazine

It was at that event that I knew I had found a great fit for me–I was surrounded by others who were enthusiastic about the industry and I realized the extent of what I could really accomplish, not only for myself but mostly for my clients.

The most predominant thing I’ve learned since beginning this position is that not everyone knows how to do what they love. There’s something holding them back and that something is themselves.

My mission here in this blog is to be a mentor for those who hold themselves back and make excuses. You could make excuses for the rest of your life, but I’m going to combat those for you. Read my blog and I guarantee you’ll be itching to put that dream into action once and for all. I’m a hardworking American, yet my friends and family are always asking me “How do you afford it?” and saying “Wow, you’re so lucky!” I’m not lucky and I’m not rich, but I know what’s important to me, I only have one life to live, and I’m going to fill it with what I love. I guarantee you can do the same.



Find out why my blog is called Aum the World here.

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